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New developments.

Fiance has been seeing a naturopath since not long after I did.  She put him on supplements and acupuncture.  His count didn’t go up.  If anything, it decreased, or went back to what it was when it was first tested.  So he’s only now taking the vitamins and supplements that I cannot take (except one) so we don’t waste money.

Work is becoming stressful due to new training, and other concerns related to that.

Quebec introduced a bill the end of November, Bill 20, which will abolish free IVF cycles and instead make two eligible for a tax credit of up to 80%.  You can only try a second time if you’re 37 or older, and only if you don’t have any other kids.  No tax credits at all if you’ve already have a child.  It is expected to pass soon.  Cost of living in Montreal was 20% cheaper, but rent is only 2% cheaper now.  Other utilities are still cheaper.  The taxes are high, but I would gladly pay them if it meant fertility coverage, better road conditions, and reliable transit.

The Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (who is from my home province and even near my hometown) was able to broker some frozen sperm at the local clinic from another couple who donated it.  $250 annual fee to keep it on ice is due immediately, but therapeutic donor insemination is cheaper and less invasive than IVF.  Having a hard time letting go of having a genetic child with my fiance, but he has accepted it and says that doesn’t matter.

We have some friends from my hometown who say they want to move here, but at least one (the other is trying to get funding to go to school) won’t pass on his resume to me so I can help him get on at my work or somewhere. He said he applied all over the province, but his resume must not be good.  Meanwhile, a coworker has offered a sweet deal on the other side of the duplex he lives in, 4 br+ finished basement (perfect for a family day home, I would *so* love to be able to go out in the summer), dishwasher, washer & dryer.  $1200+ utilities.  But it will be gone before they’re able to get up here, because they are flat broke, and until I was trying to get a short/long term disability due to stress and skyrocketing blood pressure, I had said we could try to help them get here.  But we would need most, if not all our incomes to make it work, so paying us back and bringing the credit card back to 0 will be difficult if I’m looking after their toddler and maybe another kid or a few.  Plus the fee for the guy to find out the other thing is legit plus fertility treatments.  Gnarr.

I’m so depressed.  Nothing makes me happy anymore.  Only my fiance and my cat (and a handful of friends) can make me smile.


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