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Two years later…

Man, I am really crappy at blogging…

Good news… the following December after that last post, bf and I moved in together.  The following month, I got a job in a call centre.  Left on sick leave in August after our trip to Toronto to the 19th Fan Expo.  In October, I started at my current job, tech support for hospitals in the states.  At the company Rohana’s father worked at.

All the while since July 2013 (and even before that since we were just not finishing properly, I’ll say, on my fertile days), we’ve been targeting my fertile days.  Nothing yet.  Turns out it’s male factor.  We’ve been to a few appointments with a fertility clinic, I’m seeing a naturopath.

In July, on the second anniversary of the day we became official, he proposed.  The wedding will probably be Hal-Con next year.  I have awesome ideas for the ultimate geek fantasy wedding.

Meanwhile, we took a trip to Montreal (my first time ever flying!  Windy landing in Montreal, I was scared I was gonna hurl, but it was fine before and after that) for Comiccon and stayed a week.  We fell in love with the place.  So much so, that we’re seriously considering moving there.  Though Mom loved it when she lived there in the late 60s & early 70s, she’d be beyond devastated if we move there.  But it may be the best chance fiance (Dave) and I have of having a biological child together.

Here, we would have to pay $10,000+ for one cycle, and the urologist only gave us a 40% chance of a live birth.  $2400 each, or $4800 would be covered by my insurance, and we could also get some of it back in taxes.  I don’t really like those odds.  But in Quebec, as of this writing (but there are discussions happening that could reduce this before we get there), the provincial health care covers up to 3 IVF stimulated cycles (with meds, and includes freezing and transferring any additional eggs per cycle) or up to 6 natural or modified cycles (with little to no meds, but with natural/no meds, only one egg is released at a time.  Lots of needles no matter how you look at it, but fewer up in sensitive areas, I’ll say, overall with stimulated cycles).  The only other alternative staying here is that we have been very fortunate, and we’re very open minded, that there is someone who is willing to help us with the male factor end of it.  For free.  No needles.  No hormones.

Other positives… cost of living is 20% cheaper; rent, utilities, Internet, etc.  Taxes are as high or a bit higher here, but worth it to have those fertility treatments available.  Crime is very low.  We felt safe walking in downtown to get to the hotel in the wee hours.

Caveats… employment.  Hard enough to get a job when you’re bilingual there, let alone unilingual (mostly) like we are.  Mom didn’t speak French, but that was a long time ago, before this recession. Maybe I could ask to be able to work doing what I am doing now, from home.  There’s another coworker doing so in Saskatchewan.  Maybe I could get Dave on.  There’s another friend I could get on in the physical building who would be staying here.

There are other alternatives, like the one definite friend I have in Montreal owns and I have worked for in the past moonlighting.  Several opportunities I have been reading about that I didn’t even know existed until this week.

The reason I ended up here is that I googled myself (but this doesn’t show up under my formal name).


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