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It appears I may be representing Hal-Con in a walking float across Halifax tomorrow… if the coordinator whom I know personally and invited me actually gets back to me.  If I do, I will be going as Eyriael Ansrali.  The weather forecast will determine my outfit, but I have some that I am dying to wear.  That coordinator also invited someone whom a good friend of mine knows, and sees every day for a moment, but evidently she has not replied, according to the event page on Facebook.

I finally got some bobby pins to keep the white wig on, and this time I am only pulling “some” back, Arwen style, (as I have been doing to my hair of late after it looked so good on Halloween, and I can wear my dragon earring though I forgot today… turns out large barrettes hold it back best as opposed to the jaw teeth clips),  instead of the low ponytail I have used twice thus far, at the anime picnic thing and Halloween at school.

Anyway, I must be off… I think I may be having a chat with a good friend this evening.  ^_^


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What Smurf am I?


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Well, most of it, except the bedroom.  That mostly involves washing the clothes on the floor, and hanging what is in a box and the luggage.

We need to get out tomorrow to either fix the zipper on his jacket or get a new one… I need a pretty winter coat myself and some boots that zipper and go up to my knees… and he needs some jeans too.  Oh, and boots and/or shoes.

I found out that the hair accessory I saw on a lady on the ferry once is called a hair slide, and you can get ones like the one she had on here.  S4 actually has the same symbol as the ones on the pendant I got at the Gaelic College over the trail.

So much going on… can’t remember it all.

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Didn’t do as well on an observing and recording assignment as I thought, but I did start talking about an essay.  Originally I had several ideas for my topic, subject and thesis.  The first thing I thought of was something I am quite interested in, attachment parenting, and day care’s affect on it… as well as vice versa.  I also thought, since this week is Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary, I wanted to commemorate that with research into it and how it has evolved over the years, and the fond memories almost everyone up to 40 years old has of it.

However, ultimately, I have decided to focus on parenting styles and how they affect children, and parents as their children grow up.  I want to make the argument that if you are too permissive or too authoritarian, as well as inconsistent, it can have negative consequences.  I am a victim of all three negative styles to the extreme, having a mother who was at once authoritarian and permissive, but the inconsistency was what ultimately caused it not to be balanced or assertive.

I also see echoes of negative parenting styles in some of my friends from their parents.  That said, I also see positive parenting in some well established and newer friends.  There is one friend whom I am seriously considering contacting although I’m not supposed to, to interview them for this, as the next time we will be able to communicate may be too late to do so, since this essay is due on December 11th.

Picked up a free library publication from Tacoma Sobeys as well as a Parent-Child paper.  Interesting stuff… lots of activities for all ages.

As a side note, I saw something on hawtness today about how far someone is willing to go down a rabbit hole.  I smiled.

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As an ECE, I have access to Scholastic books and their corresponding catalogues and flyers every month.  This month, Scholastic Click! has specials on a Thomas the Tank Engine CD ROM for PC and a simulation game about babies on the DS for only $9.99  Been looking at Chapters/Indigo to get books to read at school.  I better get some soon, I need some activities to do with the children at practicum, especially ones about health and safety.

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Junk & such.

Lots going on… so much to say, but I forget when I get here.  Got a pretty good mark on an assignment, and made presentations nearly on the fly.  Met a friend I once worked with in Sun for sushi.  Same place and same booth as the last time, and I didn’t pay a cent.  Very good.  Wore the dragon earring to school today… but not wearing it anymore except maybe for special occasions.  Maybe MasQ events?

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Nov 3rd

My best friend’s birthday is today.  She is a Scorpio.

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